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  • Livres, magazines, bandes dessinées illimitées et où que vous soyez: directement dans votre navigateur sur votre PC ou tablette.

  • Plus de 10 millions de titres incluant tous genres imaginables, au bout de vos doigts.

  • Obtenez les meilleurs Livres, Magazines & bandes dessinées dans tous les genres littéraires y compris Action, Aventure, Anime, Manga, Enfants & Famille, Classiques, Comédies, Référence, Manuels, Drame, Étranger, Horreur, Musique, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantaisie, Sports et plus encore.

  • Nouveaux titres ajoutés chaque jour!, nous aimons garder les choses à jour.

  • Toutes les plateformes. Complètement Optimisées.

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Wide range of books and music

I am impressed with the amount of content on the Playster website. It would be good if you could mix and match the packages - currently you can only take one or all. But this has potential as an entertainment provider, especially in a family/home context.

Good experience!

The phone agents are great and helped me to get going with my tablet! I'm enjoying Playster a lot!

Top service but needs to be more stable

I really want to love Playster because it's such a money saver and the content selection is vast. Since the update there's been a bit of downtime though and sometimes I get errors when I try to load up books. With a bit of persistence it's an excellent app. Please keep working on it!

High standards of support

They listen and resolve your issues fast

Very impressive concept!

Playster is long overdue for people who spend a lot on entertainment. I was put off by the price at first glance, but if you tally up what you would spend elsewhere on multiple subscriptions you'll realize that it's worth the outlay.

The web version looks very inticing when you first log in, and immediately you can get a feel for the amount of content that's available here (note: you also get a free trial for 30 days, which at first seems almost too good to be true). I've noticed a few glitches with the music where you have to refresh the page in order to play a new album - otherwise it continues to play the previous album or playlist you had loaded up instead. This doesn't happen on the app though, and you can't argue with the strength of the music library which seems to have gone completely under the radar.

So the app, I've only tried the Android version but it has all the features you'd want: you can download to your device, easily add tracks to your collection to play later. It's also just a more condensed and easy to use package, which is the case with most apps like this.

Being able to switch from one media to the next and find what you're looking for very quickly makes Playster difficult to stop using. The video content is not great, but you can see other streaming platforms shutting down unable to compete with Netflix, so it wouldn't surprise me if Playster doesn't even bother trying to go down this route. What's there is a nice bonus on top of a fantastic music and book selection. I'm not much of a gamer, but I've found myself playing them. All in all, a good entertainment solution especially for shared households.

Good app & support

It's good so far. I wish the book reader was a bit faster but hopefully this will improve. I had some issues after update but contacted support and it was dealt with.

Customer support attentive and professional

I hope Alicia gets the recognition she deserves! She was attentive to my needs and concerns and a great example of good customer support!

Now a reader!

I was tempted by Playster's ads, mainly the unlimited audio books, because I have been trying to find ways to read books faster. It is great to have so many audio books close to hand for a flat fee (which is lower than anywhere else, from what I can tell).

It's good in the car, while I am cooking, and increasingly just while I am relaxing on an evening. Probably "reading" 2 or 3 books a well now. Yey!